• Newborn Knitting

    I learned to knit about 11 years ago. I began right off with knitting socks. Socks were my jam and my all time favorite hobby. Before I became a prop maker I was a photographer. I instantly fell in love with knitting newborn hats for my clients. Once I opened my prop shop, I quickly fell in love with seeing my makes on other photographer's work! I still make socks, but my favorite is providing you with adorable little newborn hats! I look forward to seeing your photos using my little makes!

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  • Flowering Headpieces

    Flowering headbands, halos, crowns, tiebacks, and bonnets.....all things flowers....my true loves to work with! You'll find vibrant flowers, organic style, big and bold, subtle and neutral makes from me! I like them all and I offer them in sizes newborn-adult. They are perfect for maternity sessions, first birthday or those senior high school graduates!

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  • Wearables

    Lately I have been making little girl dresses, the ones you can wear everyday! I also offer little sitter rompers with lots of texture, with a vintage tattered feel! Providing a variety of pieces for your studio is what I do. Look around and keep watching as you may find a piece for your own little one to wear everyday or just a staple piece for your photography studio.

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